Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And the Meet-up survey says...

Thanks to all 60 (!) of you who took the time to fill out our meet-up survey. The 2014 planning committee is grateful for this information so they can plan a stellar event for next summer. As promised, we are giving more stuff away! We did a drawing on Random.org and here are the results:
Polly Carlson Prize #1
Amy Kowalski Prize #2
Amy Kilian Prize #2
Check out what they won on our Prizes page. Gals - we will be contacting you for shipping arrangements. Thanks again everyone!
-- Michelle

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Meet-up Recap Survey + Prize Giveaway!

Pacific NW MQG Meet-up Recap Survey 

the survey is now closed and we will announce the winners soon!

Thanks for attending the PNW MQG Meet-up PDX! We would like to hear about your experience and welcome your feedback and comments. We tried to keep this as brief but we also want to glean as much info as possible from you. Oh, did we mention there are prizes for filling out this survey? Info for how to enter at the end of this survey and pics of the goodies are posted on our blog here: http://pacificnwmqgmeetup.blogspot.com/p/prizes.html. 

This survey will be live from August 24th - August 31 and the winners will be announced on Sept. 1st. Thank you and good luck!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pacific Northwest MQG Meetup Recap ~part 2~

Continuing the recap of our glorious meetup! Find Part 1 here.

Event buttons and Goodie Bag Swag

Saturday brought open sewing at Fabric Depot, Charity Sewing at Modern Domestic, and Shop Hopping all over Pdx!

Open Sewing at Fabric Depot:

Paula's cute Hello Kitty machine

Lara and Joleen consulting on design options

Charity Sewing at Modern Domestic:

September BOM, Urban Chicken, designed by Michelle Freedman

Charity Top of Urban Chicken

Saturday night's dinner was very Portland--super casual at a food cart pod! Cartopia is close to the hotel and full of yummy choices, including Cajun/BBQ, Fried Hand Pies, Mexican, Crepes, Grilled PBJ sandwiches, Poutine and Gourmet French Fries, and Wood Fire Pizza.

Brittany, Paula, James, Barb

Sunday morning consisted of a delicious champagne brunch at Acapulco restaurant. Who has time to take pictures when you're trying to visit with new and old friends and shovel scrumptious food into your face? Although the Shop Hop continued through Sunday our last "event" was officially shopping at Cool Cottons.

Shop Hop Finds:

Holly's Cool Cottons Finds
Yarn Bombing seen around Portland

Tasty, tasty Madrona Road by Violet Craft, found at Fabric Depot

Sonja draping herself in pretties

Delicious Essex from Modern Domestic

The best part of the weekend? Making new friends! Stay tuned in September for a very special Vice President Swap between Portland and Vancouver. Portland may just get a little more sweet, sweet Amy Dame action, and if Vancouver can put up with Mary Ann, I may be at some VMQG events (doing manicures, natch!)

Find part 1 of this post here.

Thank you to everyone who allowed me to use their wonderful pictures: Kimberly Lumapas, Michelle Freedman, Holly Broadland, Christina Lane, Sherri Chalke, Cecilia Lehmann, and official meetup photographer Amy Kowalski!

--Mary Ann, PMQG VP

Pacific Northwest MQG Meetup Recap ~part 1~

Oh my, last weekend was so much fun I'm not even sure where to start! I guess chronologically? The Portland Modern Quilt Guild hosted the second annual Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meetup. We had people coming into town from guilds all over Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada!

Find part 2 of this post here.

Thursday we had our annual picnic meeting. A little drizzling rain caused the location to be moved last minute, but it was still so much fun! Here's what our presentation was about.

Diane and Christina presenting their new book, Quilting Happiness

Members answering questions to win a copy of the book!
Group Shot

Group shot

A beautiful rainbow when the weather cleared up!

 Friday was full of getting checked in, meeting other quilt-loving people, picking up goodie bags, taking mini classes at Modern Domestic, and a wonderful kick-off party, also at Modern Domestic. 

Rachel and Jennifer in Rachel's Long Arm Class

Jennifer practicing

Christina's Paper Piecing Class

Amber, PMQG Secretary, in Christina's Paper Piecing Class

Susan in Jen's 1/4 Circle Class

Jen and Holly in Jen's 1/4 Circle Class

Susan's Publishing Class

Mingling, shopping, and making friends:


Paula, Barb, Holly

Paula, Barb, Connie

Emily and her special friend

Super Volunteers and Drink Servers, Allison and Amy

Allison's cool Seattle name tag and Volunteer Badge

We also did the tote bag swap, sponsored by Robert Kaufman, during the kick-off party.

Tote Bag Goodness!

Happy Swappers! Michelle, Amanda and Sherri, Mary Ann

Connie, Susan and Holly

Friday and Saturday nights we had all kinds of fun in the Clubhouse, ie the Presidential Suite at the Red Lion Hotel. We had a great Freezer Stenciling Class by Katie Sciarrino, giveaways from our sponsor Bolt, snacks, drinks, lots of chit-chat, arm wrestling matches (??) and tons of manicures! Oh, and some sewing even happened! Saturday morning there were Voodoo Donuts in the Clubhouse!

Clockwise from top left: Holly, Michelle M., Sherri, Barb

This is getting long, so let's break it into two parts. Find part 2 of this post here.

*Thank you to everyone who allowed me to use their wonderful pictures: Kimberly Lumapas, Michelle Freedman, Holly Broadland, Christina Lane, Sherri Chalke, Cecilia Lehmann, and (un)official meetup photographer Amy Kowalski!

--Mary Ann, PMQG VP